about me.
In September 2012 myself and 2 other photographers opened Nomofoto a studio and sometime gallery space in North Melbourne.
From 2007-2010 I ran a shop called Arthur's Circus in Melbourne, discovering in the process I didn't really like being tied down to a shop, so it's online only. (I also wholesale a range of cards, kids tees and prints). Now I am back to my photographic roots....available for all sorts of jobs / assignments / collaborations.
Previous clients and published work include: Milk Decor, Oyster Magazine, Mixtape, Chick, Wine X, Frankie, Yen, Desktop, Victoria Mason Jewellery, Scrumptious Productions, Beci Orpin, Mattt bags, Ga Ga Music, independant bands, artists, designers and more.

solo exhibitions:
2013: Holiday Road, 107 Projects, Sydney - Head On Photo Festival (forthcoming)
2012: Holiday Road, Nomofoto
2007: Discovering Tasmania, Arthur's Circus, Melbourne
2006: Places, Red Gallery, Melbourne
2003: Viaje, Red Gallery, Melbourne
2003: The Art of Living, Level 11 Gallery, Melbourne
group exhibitions:
2013: Finalist Josephine Ulrick & Win Schubert Photography Award
2013: Art Town, Chapel Off Chapel Gallery, Melbourne
2012: Finalist Macquarie Photo Prize, travelling
2012: Finalist BSG photo prize, Melbourne
2012: Click 12 BSG, Melbourne
2009: Milkbars, laundromats and urban beauty, Arthur's Circus
2008: Old School, Uppercase Gallery, Calgary, Canada
2007: Julie Millowick Aquisitive Photo Award, Castlemaine Festval
2006: Kodak Salon,CCP, Melbourne
2005: Autumn Salon, CCP, Melbourne
2004: Homeless Gallery 13, Mill Markets, Geelong
2004: Ignored Beauty, Artholes, Melbourne
2004: Homeless Gallery 21, CHEAC, Melbourne
2003: Summer Salon, CCP, Melbourne
2003: Plastic Photography, Obscurity Gallery, Melbourne
2003: Homeless Gallery 10, CHEAC, Melbourne
2002: Leisureland, Red Gallery, Melbourne
2002: ACMP Collection 8, Touring exhibition
2001: Three, First Site Gallery, Melbourne
2001: VPSY Collection, Touring exhibition
2001: End of the Beginning, Goya Gallery, Melbourne
2001: Bachelor Arts, Photography, RMIT, Melbourne
1993: Ass. Diploma Arts, Visual Merchandising, RMIT
1989: HSC/VCE